Join the Chabad of CSUN's Chai Club

 The Chai Club is a group of friends of the Chabad Jewish Student Center who have committed to contributingat least $18 per month. This committment enables us to focus on providing for the needs of the Jewish Student's.

My monthly commitment will be   
$18 a month sponsors the Challah for 2 Shabbat dinner's per semester.
$36 a month sponsors one Pizza Parsha or Women's Torah Study per month.
$54 a month sponsors the wine for Kiddush at Shabbat dinner throughout the month.
$72 a month sponsors a barbecue, a shawarma night, or a falafel party.
$90 a month sponsors our Chanukah activites on campus.
$180 a month sponsors our annual Purim party. 
$360 a month sponsors our Passover meals. 
$540 a month sponsors one Shabbat dinner per semester month. 
$720 a month sponsors two "Shabbat 250" every semester