Talis Library - In memory of Tali Bat Yitzchak Tzvi Ruber 


 Tali’s family is honored to establish a Jewish library at Chabad @ CSUN  in memory of Tali Bat Yitzchak Tzvi.

Every word of Torah that is learned through this library, every passage of Tehillim (Psalms) that is recited, and every lesson taught from a holy text, will all be done in her great merit. Her everlasting soul will find much comfort and rest in the greatest of heights!

Everyone can be a part of Tali’s Library! It is something that is beginning today, and it will last forever! You can always donate to the library for any occasion, be it; a birthday, anniversary, yahrtzeit, or just because it is your way of connecting to Tali.

When you donate a book/s in honor of Tali, a dedication label in Tali’s honor will be placed in the book, along with your name.

We are certain that Tali will have true nachas (joy) from this everlasting gift we are giving her, and that she will take much pride in all the lives this library will touch. *****************************************                              IMG_0682.JPG

tali.jpgDonate one book - $36

Donate a shelf- $1,000

Donate a complete bookcase - $3,600   

Please use the donate link and check the box for Tali's Library.